Saint Denis Middle School considers the role of the school in education and in the transmission of the values ​​and key principles to future conscientious and responsible global citizens of fundamental importance.

Our School believes that different cultures can and must learn to respect and recognize each other, underlining the need to focus on the enrichment deriving from the interaction between different experiences, as a process of maturation of children, through mental flexibility and evolution on a cognitive level, under the banner of research, experimentation and, above all, openness to dialogue.

Saint Denis Middle School adopts a program that is in full compliance with the National Curriculum Guidelines and uses English as the means to teach the contents of some of the subjects in order to ensure that students gain a mastery of the English language.

The objectives of the educational activities and workshops, in accordance with law no. 107/2015, are the following:

  • Total fulfilment of the School Curriculum objectives and the achievement of goals by meeting different learning styles and reach each student’s full potential through the adoption of the cooperative teaching method and the use of technology in the classroom.
  • The enhancement of language skills (Italian and English in the foreground, plus French as a third language), in accordance with the school’s objectives with regard to its international vocation. This aim is reached through the use of the CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) methodology, as well as the integration of the Cambridge International School curriculum.
  • The enhancement of mathematical, logical and scientific skills through reality tasks and laboratory activities.
  • The deepening of skills in musical practice and culture, in art and in the history of art, also through the involvement of public and private institutions operating in these sectors.
  • The acquisition of skills in the field of active and democratic citizenship through the enhancement of intercultural education, respect for differences and awareness of one’s rights and duties.
  • The development of responsible behavior inspired by knowledge and respect for legality, environmental sustainability, natural assets and cultural heritage.
  • The strengthening of motor skills and the development of behavior inspired by a healthy lifestyle, with particular reference to nutrition, physical education and sports.
  • The development of our students' digital skills, with particular regard to computational thinking and the critical and conscious use of social networks and media.
  • The prevention and contrast of all forms of discrimination and bullying, including IT.
  • The enhancement of school inclusion and the right to study of pupils with special educational needs through individualized and personalized courses, also with the support and collaboration of social services, local health and educational institutions and sector associations.
  • Literacy and improvement of Italian as a second language through courses and workshops for foreign students or those whose main language is not Italian. 
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